“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.”

~ Neil Gaiman

November is almost over and December will be upon us before too long! Woven throughout the intricate beauty of Mother Nature’s dormant days are the warm and inspiring holidays that we celebrate for our religious faiths and family traditions. Anymore, the gifts found under the tree, unwrapped on consecutive days, exchanged between loving hands, and chosen for a worthy person less-fortunate than ourselves can be extra-special, inspiring the gift-receiver’s passion and unique interests. Giving gifts that connect with and embolden the girls (and boys!) in our lives can be a spark of joy and thread of hope, and just one more meaningful way we can instill self-confidence, pride, and dream-catching in the hearts and minds of children.

To help you with your gift-buying pursuits, here is a guide for blossoming personalities embodied by the Be Girls you love:

For the Be Girl Inspired by Arts, Crafts and Creating:

  • Inspire little ones to express their creative side with their first arts and crafts set. Alex Jr. Tots Art Start kit. (age 18 months+)


  • For the girls who make remarkable treasures with their hands and craft materials, this tried and true gift allows them to create a colorful and lovely stained glass window display. Melissa and Doug Stained Glass Made Easy (ages 4+)



  • Girls drawn to fabric crafts can learn to sew animals, dolls, etc…, with easy stitches and child-safe sewing needles. My Studio Girl sewing kits by U-Create (ages 6+)


  • Help your girl spread some kindness and share her unique artwork with this whimsical painted rock kit meant to inspire and be found. From Creativity for Kids (ages 6+):


  • For the doodling, drawing, sketching, artfully creative child, check out the My Comic Book Kit that provides the canvas for inspiration and a bound-book all their own once completed. From Uncommongoods (ages 8+):


  • Accessorize her creative spirit! Be Girl’s crafty and soft fringe necklaces make a beautiful accessory and gift for all ages! 


For the Be Girl Inspired by Music and Movement:

  • Gifts for the musically-inclined child are endless, but can include local music classes, private music lessons, and tickets to concerts or shows. Here is a wonderfully helpful guide to choosing age-appropriate instruments for children, written by a music teacher mother:


  • The LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Mat will encourage your toddler to learn her alphabet, numbers, songs and more while keeping active at the same time. (Ages 2-5)


  • What’s old is new again, and vinyl records are coming back! Record players for all ages are a vintage choice for a gift with retro-flare. Fisher Price Classic Record Player (Ages 18 months+):


  • Check out Amazon for a long list of all different colors and styles of record players (Ages 8+):


  • Nothing beats moving to your favorite song in a twirly dress! Check out Be Girl’s selection of spin-worthy attire in an array of styles and designs. (Available in sizes 6 months-12 years)


For the Be Girl Inspired by Dance, Sports and Games:

  • Why not purchase a classic that will get them moving and having fun together in no time? A game like Twister is one that will never go out of style. Throw on some music and join in the fun! (Ages 6+)


  • Help her to increase her levels of strength and flexibility after dance class or favorite sport with help from The Plum Band. (Two sizes to choose from. Ages 7+)


  • Buy a gift that will encourage her to move with strength and grace in her next gym, dance or athletic class. Be Girl’s signature leos are a perfect choice! (Available in sizes 12 months-12 years)

https://www.begirlclothing.com/search?q=leotard {INSERT PHOTO}

  • A fresh, new bathing suit for those winter swim classes or winter vacation will delight any girl! A selection of Be Girl’s vintage-inspired swimwear is currently on sale! (Limited supply, in sizes 6 months-12 years) 


For the Be Girl Inspired by Nature, Math, Science & Technology:

  • Go Find It is a cool, new scavenger hunt game that will engage the entire family and encourage more time spent outdoors. (Ages 3+)


  • Encourage a love of exploration at any age, from the youngest to oldest children. Here is a comprehensive age-by-age list of STEM toys from Amazon (Age categories: 2-4, 5-7, 8-13, & 14+):


  • A beautifully illustrated guidebook to the natural world, Julia Rothman’s Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World will mesmerize and delight its readers with  whimsically detailed illustrations, thought-provoking prose, and interesting activities. (Ages 8+)


  • With the cooler weather approaching, be sure your active and adventurous girl is dressed in stylish layers before heading outdoors! Be Girl’s Icing Leggings come in a wide-array of colors and prints to ensure your girl is ready to explore her world in style. (Sizes 6 months- 12 years)


Did you enjoy this special holiday gift-buying guide? Do you have a Be Girl (or boy!) in your life inspired by the themes written about in today’s blog post? What gift ideas have been winners in their eyes? Please share your comments below!

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